Student Information

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Usi INformation

Due to government requirements we are required to have your USI details prior to issuing you a certificate which we collect on enrolment.

You may already have a USI and not know or remember what it is so we have provided information to help you on the creation of a USI as well as where to find it! 

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Student login

When you enrol into one of our courses you will automatically receive your own student portal which will contain important information about your course!

Each time you complete a course with us your certificate will be stored in this portal and can be accessed 24/7 so if you or your employer requires a copy simple enter your details and download a copy.

You will also find your pre-learning and any course information in the

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Not sure where to find your certificate, how to enrol, or when your certificate expires?  All the answers to the most commonly asked questions are just a click away!

Our team is just an email or phone call away during business hours however, the answer you are looking for might just be click away.