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"During an emergency we don't rise to the occasion, we fall back to our level of training"


Who We Are

Synergy Education's mission is to train people properly to keep Australia safe.

We specialise in the design and delivery of safety training for organisations that seek a customised approach to meet industry specific compliance and auditing standards. And importantly, at the same time we promote and reinforce the organisations policies and procedures during the  training sessions.  We are about having fun and ensuring our students, your staff, leave the training sessions inspired about safety and contribute to ensuring your workplace is kept safe.

We aren't just about training!  Our systems and implementation of training strategies take away the need for your Learning and Development or HR team to be heavily involved in the day to day running of Health and Safety training.  Meaning more time to concentrate on the things that matter while we take care of the scheduling, certificate management and implementation of all training.

Our Training

We aren't like any other training provider in the Health and Safety Industry - Our training is different!  

We have taken what have typically has been seen as "boring" or "bland" courses and have turned then in to training sessions where students leave inspired to save a life or create a safe working environment.

Whether it be CPR, First aid or fire & evacuation, we focus on engaging delivery methods and utilising industry specific real world scenarios rather than the traditional class room sessions.  Imagine standing at a cot in a nursery or doing CPR whilst on a train carriage or how about saving a life from a member who has just stopped breathing in a spin class.

Say goodbye to death by powerpoint! All of our trainers have real world experience and are specialists in facilitation, able to adapt to the differing learning needs of each participant, enabling them to develop the highest level of applicable competency. 

Our students don't just leave training sessions as "competent" they leave feeling confident.

We Provide:

For people required to provide Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation in an emergency First aid situation.

For anybody required to respond to First aid emergencies in a childcare setting. We tailor every single aspect of our Childcare First aid so that it is directly relevant to events that may occur in the childcare industry, including Asthma & Anaphylaxis.

Critical training for people to respond to workplace fire emergencies, from pre-planning, to use of first attack fire fighting equipment and assisting with evacuation.


When the stakes are high, we train individuals to be able to perform under stress by staying calm and addressing the "human factors"


Our Story

It was a mild night at a well-known swimming pool in Brisbane where the atmosphere was high spirited as Waterpolo teams had come together for their weekly games.  There were teams in the water, umpires by the sidelines and spectators in the stands.  The noise was loud with umpire whistles and team members calling for the ball. 

There was however, a section of the pool that was quiet.  Where a man had slipped below the water line after having a heart attack and was no longer breathing.

What followed was a scene of panic, yelling, confusion and hysteria.

What drives our organisation every day is based on being involved in the above story and knowing that it could have gone differently had staff been trained properly.

I have been exposed to the world of CPR and First aid training since the ripe old age of 5, where I was an observer and often a participant while staff in our family run Swim School begrudgingly entered the training space mumbling under their breath, “how long is this going to take?”

It’s why as an organisation Synergy is committed to training people properly to keep Australian’s safe in a fun, dynamic, industry specific way to ensure that when the stakes are high our students fall back to their high level of training.

Forget boring, or 'death by powerpoint'; our team has you covered to ensure you leave ready to save a life and rise to the occasion!

Yours in safety,

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CEO and Director of Fun Stuff


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